Weight loss changing my face shape… yay!

3_13_2015 11_04_56 AM

I am writing this with a big silly smile on my face because I am finally seeing a difference in my facial shape through my weight loss, I started changing the way I ate in November last year properly and have continued  and persevered however hard! Also I actually started exercising for the first time since my school days (2000!!)

I can actually see my waist coming along people, hard work and determination, it helps that my chocolate addiction has subsided, now I know I will always be somewhat curvy which I have grown to love, don’t ever think that just losing weight is going to help you to love yourself, coming from someone who went from a size 8 to a 14 in about a year and then to a 16 in about another 3 years, I went through years of clothing not fitting me and being embarrassed at changing rooms because I had mistakenly picked up a 12 thinking I could just squeeze into it, every time knocked my confidence and I suffered from high levels of anxiety.

I think that you just need that one picture that you look at everyday of yourself when you were at your heaviest and use that as motivation to workout, to put down that junk food and once you get it into your head that you are doing this to become a better version of yourself you will see that it really is worth it, for myself I started working out because of my Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, I needed to get those hormone levels down and help everything, from chronic cystic acne, weight gain, mood swings, lack of monthlies (for years), infertility struggles, excessive sweating and hair (yuk!) I HAD to do this for my health, now that I am on my journey I’m really glad that I started to document my progress, I measure myself around my hips, waist, tummy, arms and legs every two weeks, I don’t weigh myself that often as I much rather go on how I feel in my clothes plus the measuring tells me all I need to know!!


Don’t go for fad diets, I tried them ALL, don’t become a prisoner in your own body! Just eat a balanced and varied healthy diet, you don’t need to deny yourself one slice of chocolate cake, but instead of buying a whole one, buy them by the slice and that way (if like me) you have no portion control then you are stopping that temptation, have a hot chocolate if you get cravings or keep some dark chocolate chunks in the freezer for ’emergencies’.

You can do this! #thisgirlcan