Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation & Eyelash Curlers…

Match Perfection


This is my current foundation and I love it, I am mixed race and this colour 400- natural beige matches my skin almost 100%, I also like the way that when I put my lighter concealer on my face and then this on top it blends really well! 

The fluidity of it is quite runny in consistency compared to the other foundations that Rimmel do, I also found that unlike other foundations I have used previously, I have to wait about 5 minutes after application before I can apply my finishing powder, otherwise the foundation sucks all the powder in as it can be quite wet even when put on thinly!!

That said, I must admit that the coverage is second to none, I have acne scaring on my cheeks and it does an excellent job in helping to cover them and a few people have said that they didn’t even know I had any marks on my face, so that only proves my point further.

I would give this foundation 8/10, eventually I hope that I will find my 10/10!! 

Eyelash curlers

So, in the picture above are my eyelash curlers, they are probably the cheapest ones everrrr but I don’t care, they do ‘the job’! I should probably get some fancy pants expensive ones but I literally only starting using eyelash curlers about 2 years ago….arghhhh, I know right (wtf?!) I honestly, never even thought about using them before that, now I have them I can take them or leave them to be honest, I don’t wear false eyelashes (mainly because for some reason every time I put them on just mucking about they go on perfectly, when I go to put them on for a night out I end up with wonky eyelashes and I look like I have tried to put them on whilst standing on a chair with one leg instead of four, in the dark!!) I got these from TK Maxx for a few quid. 

I definitely have a love hate relationship with them, I have pinched my eyelid about a handful of times, (to which I have squealed like a little piglet…) All that said though, they do make your eyelashes longer and you don’t have to do so much work with your mascara, resulting in no clumpy spiders legs lashes!

Have you got any horror stories with eyelash curlers or mismatched foundation that you thought was fine but later looked at pictures and realised that you looked like an oompa loompa…(Just me then…. Awkward!) 




Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial…

WP_20140827_004 WP_20140827_002

I really love this look, especially with my grey contact lenses in! I used a palette that I bought a while ago from Superdrug and the colours look like this…


I used the pale pink, cream, slate grey, light brown and black to create this look. They are all a bit shimmery and I love the way they shine in different light! Also, mascara by Rimmel, kohl eye liner pencil in black.

  • Start with applying your light brown mixed with your cream eye shadow over the whole eye.
  • Next add the pale pink to the upper inner corner of your eye and using your blending brush, brush outwards towards the centre of your eye, do to both eyes. 
  • Apply the cream eye shadow to the lower inner corner and blend outwards to the middle of your lower eyelid.
  • Next, apply the slate grey to your upper eye lid starting from the centre blending outwards and gradually increase by layering more until you get the desired effect and colour intensity. (Don’t apply too much to the brush to begin with because you will get a lot of fall out under the eyes and that will just not do!) 
  • Repeat the same step to the other eye and then start blending up towards the crease and a bit above it.
  • Now get some of the black eye shadow and being very light handed with the brush, dab it onto the corner of the upper lid and start blending inwards. Again blend in to whatever intensity you like, I did it slightly as this was for daytime.
  • Make sure you clean your blending brush and using the cream eye shadow apply using your eye shadow brush to under your eye brow and then gently run the blending brush over that and blend gently downwards! 
  • Clean up any spills under the eye with a make up sponge with a bit of liquid concealer applied to it!
  • Apply your pencil eye liner to the lower lid and then your mascara to your lashes.
  • Done!

WP_20140827_005 WP_20140827_008

I really love this look for a daytime look, if you want to make it dark just blend some more black eye shadow to the corners and crease line of your eye and you are good to go! Hope you try this look out at some point!