The Wanderer Returns

The Wanderer Returns

Hey all,

So firstly again my apologies for neglecting my blog, I had a lot of changes go on this year and I can safely say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, that phrase will resonate in my head for the rest of my life! I am so thankful that I have such supportive family and friends around me and so happy that from now I am that happy, bubbly and full of confidence that the rest of my life is going to be on the up from now on! I’m sort of just skimming over a few topics quickly here, as I just want to get you up to speed on what I was up to whilst I was away.

This is a before and after from a few months ago after I did a fasting of having nothing to eat after 8pm and before 12pm, just water (or black tea/ coffee),


After is on the left and before is on the right, my tummy is noticeably flatter and I only did it for a week, so definitely if you have a dress you need to lose a bit of bloat to get rid of, I would suggest that diet, its a good quick fix and I ate lunch and dinner, salads and sweet potato etc type dinners!

Just so you all know I have started using Snap Chat- lillizzi

I find it so much fun, you can also find me on Instagram- @adoremydiet

Love you all and chat soon



My first ever Glossy Box!

My first ever Glossy Box!

Yay, my October Glossy Box arrived!

Glossy Box October (1) Glossy Box October (2)

Glossy Box October (3)

This is super super exciting, like Christmas, Easter and my Birthday rolled into one, I am looking forward to giving you an honest review on everything I received in my first EVER Glossy Box!

Here is October 2014’s Glossy Box-

Glossy Box October (4)Glossy Box October (6)Glossy Box October (7)

The actual box is just too cute, pop art style, definitely a keeper and I was impressed with how beautiful the inside presentation of the box was!

Glossy Box October (8)Glossy Box October (11) Glossy Box October (9) Glossy Box October (10)

So first up is the Nuxe 24hr Soothing and rehydrating fresh mask, I gave this a go but with my combination skin I did not like the oily feel that I had afterwards so I ended up washing it off but having said that and leaving it on my face for the recommended time of 10 minutes, my face did feel really soft. 🙂

être belle Lip Lift peel, I tried this the minute I opened it, it is supposed to provide gentle exfoliation for your lips to make them feel really soft it has tiny grains inside it and felt like a cream in texture, the smell was lovely. I definitely had softer lips and this was the first time I had tried any lip exfoliator and I was pleasantly pleased, this has made me want to try the Lush lip sugar even more!

Me Me Me, elegant eyes. I am yet to try this trio eye shadow, purple, grey and black. I do like the look of it though and will let you know when I have used it by doing a review of it’s own soon!

Glossy Box October (13) Glossy Box October (14) Glossy Box October (15)

Argan Oil of Morocco, This is a moisture rich hair treatment oil and it is AMAZING, please if you have not used this before then use it, I put it on my hair whilst it had just been towel dried and then proceeded to blow dry as normal, I then straightened my hair and applied a small amount in the palm of my hand, rubbed my hands together and smoothed my hair down. It literally felt amazing, the most soft that it has ever felt in fact and no frizz (as a mixed race girlie with naturally curly hair, this is like the best feeling in the world!) I am in total shock and will definitely be researching further into this brand and look into investing in some of the other products that they do! Again, when I get them I will definitely tell you about my experience with them. 😉

Rimmel london BB Cream, sample size in the colour light, this personally was disastrous for me, firstly it was way too light for my skin tone and secondly it just does not cover any of my darker pigmentations on my face. I don’t like it for me but for someone who has great skin and hardly any darker marks it would work really well as the consistency is for the barely there look. Not for the combination skin, in my own opinion!

Glossy Box October (16) Glossy Box October

So Susan Flutter Mascara, One word, yuk! Let me explain, I opened it and the fluid basically exploded out the top, so sat on my chair in front of my dressing table, hands covered in mascara I battled on and applied it to my eyelashes which I had curled using an eyelash curler, I applied one coat and let it dry, another and then another…nothing. It is for people who have naturally long eye lashes, so ok I was a bit harsh saying yuk but that is just because I was gutted it did nothing for my eyelashes… 😦

So there you have it lovely people, that is my review, I honestly did love it and I felt so happy on the day I got it and I really am looking forward to opening November’s one….bring it on!

W7 Candy Blush amazing!

W7 Candy Blush amazing!

LA Colors and W7 (22)LA Colors and W7 (21)

W7 Candy Blush Sweet Cheeks Blusher-Orion

Wow, what an intense colour for a blusher, I made the mistake of not blowing my brush before applying and yes again I will say wow, definitely wont be using a lot of it, will be using it in a more subtle way.

LA Colors and W7 (1) LA Colors and W7 (3)

It is a cute little compact size and it also has a mirror too, what is not to like! Upon application it goes on really well and does not cake upon re- application through the day. They come in 4 different shades and I will quite happily make my way through them!

LA Colors and W7 (7)

It is funny because I genuinely am a bit of a label girl, but having tried W7’s eye shadows I think this brand has so much more on offer than I originally thought! I am now on a bit of a trip and am finding out about lots of different brands that I had not even heard of. Great blusher, bargain price too!

Check it out ladies! 🙂

My e.l.f Make Up Mini Haul….

My e.l.f Make Up Mini Haul….

Elf review haul (1)

So I received these items today (yay), I decided to order from e.l.f (eyes lips face) their eyebrow kit in dark, maximum coverage concealer in beige and their bronzer.

Elf review haul (3)Elf review haul (7)Elf review haul (11)

The pictures above show you the colours, I am impressed with the consistency of the left side dark brown colour, it is a gorgeous gel, you use that to do the outline of the eyebrow and then the right side is a lighter brown powder that you use to fill the brow. The problem for me is that it was just too light for my eyebrows, I just didn’t feel that it suited my normally dark dark brown (nearly black) eyebrows! It comes with a tiny brush and a mirror as well. The price point for this is £3.95!

Elf review haul (5) Elf swatch

Next up I have the e.l.f Maximum Coverage Concealer in the colour beige, it says oil free on the pack, I was a little sceptical as on first look, it looked a little thin. On first application it didn’t cover any of my acne scars on my face, or on second after I had let the first dry and then on the third it did so I was actually impressed! My liquid foundation glided on beautifully after I applied this and it didn’t move this one around too much! It claims on the packaging to cover tattoos, scarring etc. I believe that it would and I am glad, at £3.95 I would say that was a bargain!

Elf review haul (6) Elf review haul (12) 

Ah, bronzer! I know, I probably have no business wearing bronzer but even us mixed race girls want to glisten! I have absolutely no complaints about this (actually my only complaint is that it’s so bloody hard to open, ouch!) I love it and the colour, the way it looks on my skin and the fact I really don’t have to use much in order for it to highlight my face! I didn’t use the brush as I have my own one, although I like the fact that they included one! Good value for money at a price point of £2.50.

All in all, I am impressed with all of them and if they had a darker eyebrow kit I would’ve gone with that instead, great value for money and also the postage (I’m in the UK) was super fast and came a lot quicker than I expected!




* I bought these myself, I have not been sponsored by e.lf and this is my truthful opinion.