30 Day shred…!

Day 6: Well what a difference a day makes, my knees feel so much better, but I think they do because I didn’t attempt the pushups. I have the worst technique ever, I have a problem with my rotator cuff on my left shoulder and pushups just aren’t really helping me at all, so im going to start trying to build up strength in my arms first, so instead of pushups I just do tummy crunches 🙂

Short and sweet but loving it thus far, bring on level 2 in a few days!

Also, I wanted to ask has anyone else had aching shin bones after working out?!

Also, I fit into size 12 jeans….yay; *squeals* 🙂

Sweat Level: 6
Mood: Tired but still smiling!



So the hubby and I have decided to go for it with regards to our fitness, we are currently trying out the, Jillian Michaels, 30 day shred DVD, it’s actually really hard. REALLY hard!!!! I was huffing and puffing away, whilst ducking everytime I saw a car come past or a dog walker, honestly nobody needs to see me in leggings, looking a massive sweat bag!

Level 1, actually started off ok, this woman Jillian Michaels, is one mean cookie. She scares me enough not to stop but to keep pushing through, there are skipping rope style jumps and jumping jacks. (Ladies wear a good supportive bra… Just saying!)
Lots of different moves and the weights I have are probably too heavy but I pushed through the pain, oh well only 29 more days to go…. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive th…