Kiwi fruit & blackberries make the world a sweeter place!

Today I had a gorgeously sweet toothed breakfast that consisted of beautifully sweet frozen blackberries that were huge, kiwi fruit that was so ripe it literally melted in my mouth and a sprinkling of banana chips!
I finished it off with a few nuts and lashings of almond milk over oats!

I feel like my appetite has been fulfilled and I now wont be hungry until lunch!



Berry Berry Nut Nut!

Today I decided to have blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and some Almonds! I also sprinkled over a few cacao nibs just for the fun of it!

The fruit is frozen and I find this makes it even more delicious, I always use almond milk as I quite simply love the taste of it!

This is when I can quite honestly say, why would I ever look back, why would I want to not be a Vegan. This world is so full of beautiful things and some of them are in my breakfast bowl.