Fruit platter for a party!

Banana Chip Pardeee!

This I found was a really lovely idea for a get together if maybe you were worried about catering for vegetarians etc, it’s very quick and simple and great if you don’t have much time!

Peanut butter with banana chips= good times!

Banana chips with a teaspoon of peanut butter, sunflower seeds and a cheeky cacao nib. Gorgeous, I loved the the crunch of the banana chip with the smooth texture of the peanut butter, looks cute too!


The figs, prunes, nuts and raisins all work perfectly together and for a little party this is okay, as with everything and what I would tell anyone who asked me, I would say every thing in moderation but feel okay to splurge a little especially when it comes to fruit in any form!

IMG_0427 IMG_0429

I hope the next time you have a party with friends that you will give this one a try!

Enjoy! x


Popcorn, glorious popcorn!

Honey & Mustard Popcorn


This is one of my favourite snacks to have its not high in calories and it’s totally moreish! Tip, if you want it less sweet then add less honey….duh!!


  • Popcorn kernels- 100g for 2 servings. (Or one very hungry person!)

  • Honey- 3 Tbsp (Or less… Or MORE!)
  • Whole grain Mustard- 2 Tbsp

  • Sweet & Salty seasoning- A few shakes!

  • Pure Free From- olive butter- 1 Tbsp


Cook the popcorn on a medium heat, in a dry medium sized pan, make sure you leave the lid on and by the packets instructions it says it should be done in 7 minutes for me it’s a bit sooner than that!

Next you need to heat up the olive butter in a small pan until it has melted, over a low heat. Next add the mustard and honey, keep stirring until the mixture looks smooth. (As smooth as it can being that it’s whole grain mustard…. Erm.)

Then place the popcorn in a big bowl, pour your mixture over, stir, stir, stir making sure it has evenly coated the popcorn, we are nearly done dears.

Last but not least, totally optional, a few shakes of the sweet and salty seasoning and another quick toss, done! I love eating them when they are still warm but the popcorn does cool rather quickly so either eat fast or just learn to love cold popcorn…!

I know it has olive butter and honey in it but this is a treat, so ner, deal with it.


Ryvita snack…

I have recently been looking at Ryvita and for lots of different toppings to go on them, I love this! The possibilities are endless and I am going to start having these for lunch with lots of healthy toppings on! 😎

The one in the picture is low fat soft cream cheese with a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce on each a piece of original ryvita. Bellissimo!

Ryvita, low fat soft cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce
Ryvita, low fat soft cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce