Smoothie yourself beautiful!

Smoothie yourself beautiful!

Banana, plum, strawberry and oat milk smoothie.

Banana, Plum, strawberries and oat milk!
Banana, Plum, Strawberries and Oat milk!

I just had to write a short something about this smoothie I had the other day, it really was gorgeous and was literally thrown together with not much thought. See I love that about fruit, the fact that you can throw a few ingredients together and you never know the flavours which will come out!

I obviously had to add a banana for thickness, I think had I not it would’ve been a little bit like a slushy because of the frozen strawberries. The frozen strawberries were just the most delicious aspect and gave it that gorgeous colour. The oat milk for me just makes the whole smoothie creamy and I usually hate that but I for some reason enjoyed it this time which has got me thinking what other smoothies I can create!!


  • – 1 Banana- peeled. (Seriously I am actually saying this as a disclaimer in case someone actually uses a whole banana!)
  • – 2 Plums- peeled & stone discarded.
  • – 6 Big (ish) ripe frozen Strawberries.
  • – Half cup of Oat Milk (Or you could use any milk that you like, maybe not cat milk…)


Place all ingredients as shown in picture above and turn on blender…done!

I am on the hunt to find not just a good smoothie, but a great smoothie!

Keep smiling! x


Today a smoothie… Tomorrow fruit domination!

This smoothie was literally just thrown together in a manic rush as I was just about to run out the door.. Talk about fast food, just a lot healthier!

Banana & Strawberry Smoothie!

5 Large Strawberries (frozen)
Half a banana! (Frozen)
A dash of Almond Milk
A dash of water (really this is totally up to you, the more water you add the more runny it will be, simples!)
1tsp Palm Sugar

Blitz it all together in your blender, as you should all know by now I have a Nutri Bullet Pro, which I love with a passion! Then once you have blitz it, pour it into a suitable glass, obviously use a coloured paper straw… Just because..! Drink up!

Enjoy my lovelies! 🙂

Vegan Mango and Lime Smoothie / Runny Sorbet!

Vegan Mango and Lime Smoothie / Runny Sorbet!

mango and lime

Mango and Lime Smoothie

  • The juice of half a lime
  • 2 cups Chopped frozen Mango
  • 1 Cup Ice
  • Half cup Pure Mango Juice
  • Half Cup Pure Apple Juice (for sweetness!)
  • As much water as you want but I used about 1 Cup so it was runny but still stayed rather slushy.

Wow, this smoothie was gorgeous. I can imagine myself sitting by the beach sipping on this most definitely because of how refreshing it is, it could easily be a proper sorbet depending on how much water you add to this, I preferred it to be a cross between a smoothie and a runny sorbet!

Mango and Lime Mango and Lime smoothie

Literally all you need to do is throw all the ingredients in your blender, mine is a nutri ninja! Super easy!

m & l smoothie

One for the summer months but with that said equally lovely during the colder days as I had it post workout and it made for a refreshing pick me up, when I was really hot after cardio!

Enjoy 🙂