Pineapple frozen yoghurt recipe….

pineapple frozen yoghurt (4)

Pineapple frozen yoghurt is just wow… I love this and the recipe is super simple, I didn’t use light condensed milk this time and I am actually very happy with the way it turned out!


  • 500g- Plain Set Yoghurt
  • 1 Can Del Monte Pineapple Chunks
  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • Sprinkling of granola (optional)


Right, this is like the quickest recipe I have ever done, firstly empty out all the juice that comes in the pineapple can and put the chunks into the blender, blend until smooth in consistency (or lumpy, if you like that sort of thing….oddball…!)

pineapple frozen yoghurt (5)

Next, empty your yoghurt into a bowl and mush (or mash….or stir) until less stiff, pour the blended pineapple into the bowl, drizzle in your honey (that is optional too!)

pineapple frozen yoghurt (6)pineapple frozen yoghurt (7)

Now, fold everything together until properly mixed!

pineapple frozen yoghurt (8)

After you have mixed it all together, make sure you line a loaf tin with cling film OR you can simply use a Tupperware pot but make sure it has a snap shut lid and no air can get in…

pineapple frozen yoghurt (10)

Then fill the pot or loaf tin and if using a loaf tin then cover over with a double layer of cling film! Then pop that into a freezer for at least a good couple of hours but ideally overnight!

pineapple frozen yoghurt (11) pineapple frozen yoghurt (12)

The finished result is a delicious, creamy tasting dessert, tastes just like ice cream. I really loved crumbling the granola on top just to give it another texture. Also, when it has frozen make sure you take the frozen yoghurt out of the loaf tin and you can actually leave it in the freezer just in the cling film. (I like to rush in and slice it like cake and leave to soften for a few minutes and then push it into my dessert glass!

pineapple frozen yoghurt (13)

pineapple frozen yoghurt (1)

I really hope you give it a go, it really is delicious and super quick to make, my pineapple frozen yoghurt dessert… yummy!

What are your favourite desserts? (Healthy and non healthy welcome! No judgement shall be given… Promise!)