Scallops with creamy mash &cabbage….

This was a Jamie Oliver recipe and boy oh boy did it deliver. (
The mash was divine but instead of using semi skimmed milk, I used sour cream. The streaky bacon was a nice touch and added definition to the meal. Will definitely try this recipe again but I probably wont use the scallops and would replace them with thin strips of turkey. 🙂

To find the recipe, please visit Jamie Oliver’s website and type in Scallops and creamy mash.


Got my goodies from Tenderstem. Yay!

Tenderstem goodies (1)


So, I got a package today (yay!) I actually missed the postie, so had to wait till it was back at the post office…. Anyway, I knew immediately upon opening the box that it was from Tenderstem and I was super excited as I won some goodies from them, through twitter! (@Tenderstem) 

Tenderstem goodies (4) Tenderstem goodies (11) Tenderstem goodies (13)Tenderstem goodies (7)

I received a medium sized reusable shopping bag, two pens, two packets of Tenderstem (nicely sandwiched between a freeze block to keep them fresh!) A recipe card book with yummy recipes in that I simply can’t wait to try! Lovely! 

Big thank you Tenderstem HQ!! 

Tenderstem Broccoli…

Yay! I won something!
Yay! I won something! On Twitter and they told me I would receive a few goodies!

Well today I became Tenderstem Broccoli Fan Of The Month (TFOTM!) Whoop! I can’t rave about this type of broccoli enough, it is gorgeous and the best thing is that you can eat it whole with no waste (the price is excellent)! As they say on their website ( it has a texture akin to that of asparagus. 

Facebook page!
Facebook page!

Go and try Tenderstem broccoli and also, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages! 

Serving suggestion! Baked salmon, sweet potato wedges & of course Tenderstem Broccoli! 🙂

Watermelon love…

Woke up this morning feeling super refreshed, can only put it down to the fact that last night I had a few slices of watermelon, I wasn’t feeling 100% and then I had some of the yummy pink stuff and bam, half an hour later I felt right as rain and then I went to sleep blissfully.

Slices of yummy watermelon!
Slices of yummy watermelon!

It made me think, what healing qualities do fruit have in general, because years ago they obviously relied on it more than medicines which are so easily accessible now it is ridiculous!

Currently, I am planning our food for the week. Looking at lots of different foods that I can design recipes with and make my own! (I have never been a follower!)

Have a lovely relaxed sunday!