30 day shred..

Had a rest day on Wednesday as pulled a muscle in my back!

Day 7- (Thursday!)- Felt like I was finally getting somewhere by gritting my teeth and actually being able to do everything, really scared about going up to level 2 on Saturday but I guess a change is good!
I am now starting my pushups off the wall, then I will gradually choose lower and lower surfaces until I feel comfortable doing them on the floor. Other than that, was a great workout and I had a lovely bowl of porridge after! My stomach feels more defined, I can pull it in and its no where near as big as it was, I fit into my size 12 jeans (with ease) that have been in the back of my wardrobe for over 6months… Yay! Progress!
Sweat Level: 9
Mood: Reflective.

(Apologies if my picture comes out really big again, I am uploading from my phone!!)


30 Day shred…!

Day 6: Well what a difference a day makes, my knees feel so much better, but I think they do because I didn’t attempt the pushups. I have the worst technique ever, I have a problem with my rotator cuff on my left shoulder and pushups just aren’t really helping me at all, so im going to start trying to build up strength in my arms first, so instead of pushups I just do tummy crunches 🙂

Short and sweet but loving it thus far, bring on level 2 in a few days!

Also, I wanted to ask has anyone else had aching shin bones after working out?!

Also, I fit into size 12 jeans….yay; *squeals* 🙂

Sweat Level: 6
Mood: Tired but still smiling!

30 day shred…

Day 5: (had a rest day so today counts as day 5!) Was sweating all down my face but then it was actually pretty hot here in the UK, finding that my knees are really aching, probably from doing the easy press ups. Going to try and do the proper press ups from tomorrow onwards!
I am feeling a lot more confident with my body shape, I have no idea why. Maybe because I feel a lot happier and motivated. I want to be healthy and I’ve even changed my hairstyle back to being curly and letting my natural hair just be natural, I’m no longer going to straighten it, if I do it will have to be a pretty major event!! I am enjoying life more, dressing differently even, I don’t want to fit in anymore, that said I don’t want to necessarily stand out, just I want to be free to be me! Bring on day 6!
Sweat Level: 7.5
Mood: Motivated & positive.