The Wanderer Returns

Hey all,

So firstly again my apologies for neglecting my blog, I had a lot of changes go on this year and I can safely say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, that phrase will resonate in my head for the rest of my life! I am so thankful that I have such supportive family and friends around me and so happy that from now I am that happy, bubbly and full of confidence that the rest of my life is going to be on the up from now on! I’m sort of just skimming over a few topics quickly here, as I just want to get you up to speed on what I was up to whilst I was away.

This is a before and after from a few months ago after I did a fasting of having nothing to eat after 8pm and before 12pm, just water (or black tea/ coffee),


After is on the left and before is on the right, my tummy is noticeably flatter and I only did it for a week, so definitely if you have a dress you need to lose a bit of bloat to get rid of, I would suggest that diet, its a good quick fix and I ate lunch and dinner, salads and sweet potato etc type dinners!

Just so you all know I have started using Snap Chat- lillizzi

I find it so much fun, you can also find me on Instagram- @adoremydiet

Love you all and chat soon



To be Vegan or not?

Hello everyone, I haven’t posted for a long time and I guess the reason is simply because I was trying to work out what I wanted, whether I wanted to continue labelling myself as Vegan or not. I later decided that labelling myself was not going to help at all, for my PCOS I am limited in a lot of things anyway so why should I further limit myself from having the occasional yoghurt, egg or piece of fish. 

I eat meat every other day but the hubby and I also have a meatless week once a month where we have pasta and cheeses etc! I just want to point out that I have not taken this decision lightly to eat without a label, I had started eating vegan for health and weight reasons in the first place, I do believe that in my later years I probably will become vegan when I can source all the right foods I need!

So a quick low down on my weight loss journey, I am very happy and the weight is slowly coming off, I did have a bit of a panic last night as I felt I have well and truly stopped losing weight but I’m fighting through it!

Hope you all have a wonderful day X 


Results With Lucy Review

instagram rwl progress

I am writing this to review Results With Lucy, the solo plan, because this is what I am doing, obviously! I recently was uploaded for my progress on Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Instagram which I was very happy with because it really gave me a kick up the bum to carry on with my weight loss journey, I did so many fad diets and did not even know what I was doing when it came to exercising but let me explain a little bit more so you get an idea of what it is.

The solo plan, this is where you have access to hundreds of videos and also playlists so that you can work out to what you would like to do, there is a bar on the left side that enables you to choose the intensity, what you want to workout more (whether that be legs or arms etc.)

I got advised by the Results With Lucy team to try to aim at doing a, warm up then cardio, arm, legs, cardio, abs and then finish with a cool down, should be around 30- 40 minutes each time, so I then set about typing in warm up, in the left side bar and made my own playlist up to include all the relevant workouts I wanted and then that way they play one after the other but you can pause in between if you want a longer break!

7_20_2015 11_06_56 AM WP_20150710_21_31_22_Pro

I just love it all, the workouts make me giggle and you really feel like you are doing it together, all girls together, but there is a few videos for the man in your life, which I thought was a cute touch, I wonder if they will go into workouts just for men at some point! I also want to add that Cecelia is Lucy’s personal trainer and she is such a legend, she really gets me through some tough leg workouts and my personal fave, the accumulator, definitely search for that one! The cost is £12.00 per month, which I am absolutely okay with paying because you get workouts, support and also a range of recipes. The videos are constantly updated so you never feel bored, it is just going to get even more fabulous the longer it is open for, students get a discount so that is well worth checking out! I am loving everything at the moment and I put that down to the fact I am enjoying my fasted workouts first thing in the morning and I think Lucy is a real inspiration for the exercise world to have.

6tag_270615-1244543_13_2015 11_04_56 AM

Measurement Progress-

November 2014- Hip- 108cm – Waist- 87cm

September 2015- Hip- 94cm – Waist- 74cm


Weight loss changing my face shape… yay!

3_13_2015 11_04_56 AM

I am writing this with a big silly smile on my face because I am finally seeing a difference in my facial shape through my weight loss, I started changing the way I ate in November last year properly and have continued  and persevered however hard! Also I actually started exercising for the first time since my school days (2000!!)

I can actually see my waist coming along people, hard work and determination, it helps that my chocolate addiction has subsided, now I know I will always be somewhat curvy which I have grown to love, don’t ever think that just losing weight is going to help you to love yourself, coming from someone who went from a size 8 to a 14 in about a year and then to a 16 in about another 3 years, I went through years of clothing not fitting me and being embarrassed at changing rooms because I had mistakenly picked up a 12 thinking I could just squeeze into it, every time knocked my confidence and I suffered from high levels of anxiety.

I think that you just need that one picture that you look at everyday of yourself when you were at your heaviest and use that as motivation to workout, to put down that junk food and once you get it into your head that you are doing this to become a better version of yourself you will see that it really is worth it, for myself I started working out because of my Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, I needed to get those hormone levels down and help everything, from chronic cystic acne, weight gain, mood swings, lack of monthlies (for years), infertility struggles, excessive sweating and hair (yuk!) I HAD to do this for my health, now that I am on my journey I’m really glad that I started to document my progress, I measure myself around my hips, waist, tummy, arms and legs every two weeks, I don’t weigh myself that often as I much rather go on how I feel in my clothes plus the measuring tells me all I need to know!!


Don’t go for fad diets, I tried them ALL, don’t become a prisoner in your own body! Just eat a balanced and varied healthy diet, you don’t need to deny yourself one slice of chocolate cake, but instead of buying a whole one, buy them by the slice and that way (if like me) you have no portion control then you are stopping that temptation, have a hot chocolate if you get cravings or keep some dark chocolate chunks in the freezer for ’emergencies’.

You can do this! #thisgirlcan