Popcorn, glorious popcorn!

Honey & Mustard Popcorn


This is one of my favourite snacks to have its not high in calories and it’s totally moreish! Tip, if you want it less sweet then add less honey….duh!!


  • Popcorn kernels- 100g for 2 servings. (Or one very hungry person!)

  • Honey- 3 Tbsp (Or less… Or MORE!)
  • Whole grain Mustard- 2 Tbsp

  • Sweet & Salty seasoning- A few shakes!

  • Pure Free From- olive butter- 1 Tbsp


Cook the popcorn on a medium heat, in a dry medium sized pan, make sure you leave the lid on and by the packets instructions it says it should be done in 7 minutes for me it’s a bit sooner than that!

Next you need to heat up the olive butter in a small pan until it has melted, over a low heat. Next add the mustard and honey, keep stirring until the mixture looks smooth. (As smooth as it can being that it’s whole grain mustard…. Erm.)

Then place the popcorn in a big bowl, pour your mixture over, stir, stir, stir making sure it has evenly coated the popcorn, we are nearly done dears.

Last but not least, totally optional, a few shakes of the sweet and salty seasoning and another quick toss, done! I love eating them when they are still warm but the popcorn does cool rather quickly so either eat fast or just learn to love cold popcorn…!

I know it has olive butter and honey in it but this is a treat, so ner, deal with it.



Sunny Orange Smoothie 

This smoothie was gorgeous, if you want a thick smoothie then add a banana but today I wanted it to be a juice style to have alongside my workout!


  • Juice of 2 large oranges.
  • 1 Apple, peeled and cored.
  • 1 Tbsp sunflower seeds.
  • 1 Cup of Spinach
  • 5 Ice cubes (optional)


Whizz up all ingredients in blender, make sure you whizz for longer than normal to break down the sunflower seeds!!


Smoothie yourself beautiful!

Banana, plum, strawberry and oat milk smoothie.

Banana, Plum, strawberries and oat milk!
Banana, Plum, Strawberries and Oat milk!

I just had to write a short something about this smoothie I had the other day, it really was gorgeous and was literally thrown together with not much thought. See I love that about fruit, the fact that you can throw a few ingredients together and you never know the flavours which will come out!

I obviously had to add a banana for thickness, I think had I not it would’ve been a little bit like a slushy because of the frozen strawberries. The frozen strawberries were just the most delicious aspect and gave it that gorgeous colour. The oat milk for me just makes the whole smoothie creamy and I usually hate that but I for some reason enjoyed it this time which has got me thinking what other smoothies I can create!!


  • – 1 Banana- peeled. (Seriously I am actually saying this as a disclaimer in case someone actually uses a whole banana!)
  • – 2 Plums- peeled & stone discarded.
  • – 6 Big (ish) ripe frozen Strawberries.
  • – Half cup of Oat Milk (Or you could use any milk that you like, maybe not cat milk…)


Place all ingredients as shown in picture above and turn on blender…done!

I am on the hunt to find not just a good smoothie, but a great smoothie!

Keep smiling! x

Results With Lucy Review

instagram rwl progress

I am writing this to review Results With Lucy, the solo plan, because this is what I am doing, obviously! I recently was uploaded for my progress on Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Instagram which I was very happy with because it really gave me a kick up the bum to carry on with my weight loss journey, I did so many fad diets and did not even know what I was doing when it came to exercising but let me explain a little bit more so you get an idea of what it is.

The solo plan, this is where you have access to hundreds of videos and also playlists so that you can work out to what you would like to do, there is a bar on the left side that enables you to choose the intensity, what you want to workout more (whether that be legs or arms etc.)

I got advised by the Results With Lucy team to try to aim at doing a, warm up then cardio, arm, legs, cardio, abs and then finish with a cool down, should be around 30- 40 minutes each time, so I then set about typing in warm up, in the left side bar and made my own playlist up to include all the relevant workouts I wanted and then that way they play one after the other but you can pause in between if you want a longer break!

7_20_2015 11_06_56 AM WP_20150710_21_31_22_Pro

I just love it all, the workouts make me giggle and you really feel like you are doing it together, all girls together, but there is a few videos for the man in your life, which I thought was a cute touch, I wonder if they will go into workouts just for men at some point! I also want to add that Cecelia is Lucy’s personal trainer and she is such a legend, she really gets me through some tough leg workouts and my personal fave, the accumulator, definitely search for that one! The cost is £12.00 per month, which I am absolutely okay with paying because you get workouts, support and also a range of recipes. The videos are constantly updated so you never feel bored, it is just going to get even more fabulous the longer it is open for, students get a discount so that is well worth checking out! I am loving everything at the moment and I put that down to the fact I am enjoying my fasted workouts first thing in the morning and I think Lucy is a real inspiration for the exercise world to have.

6tag_270615-1244543_13_2015 11_04_56 AM

Measurement Progress-

November 2014- Hip- 108cm – Waist- 87cm

September 2015- Hip- 94cm – Waist- 74cm