Berry good for you Smoothie.

Berry good for you Smoothie.

Berry good for you smoothie

This smoothie, wow, firstly the colour once blended was this gorgeous rich deep purple, almost like a vat of blended beetroot! This really delivered on flavour, in it’s delicacy I loved the way you could taste each fruit, without having to add a banana. The consistency of this is rather thin but if you want it to be thicker then don’t add as much water! Also for a side note, blackberries have tiny little seeds as you all know, so if you want you can sieve out the seeds after blending everything together.


  • 1 Persimmon fruit – Peeled and chopped.
  • 1 Cup Frozen blackberries.
  • 1 Orange – Squeezed juice only.
  • 1 Handful greens – spinach. (I’m going to look like Popeye at this rate!)
  • 3 Ice cubes
  • 1 Cup water – or less if you want it thicker!

Berry good for you smoothie.

Preparation –

Blend everything together and serve immediately.

Enjoy! x


Lush Kiwi & Persimmon Smoothie.

Lush Kiwi & Persimmon Smoothie.

Persimmon & Kiwi Smoothie

This was lovely and thick, gorgeously sweet and extremely easy to do. This was definitely one of my favourites, the delicate kiwi fruit flavours were coming through and I loved the squeezed orange juice, tasted so fresh!

Ingredients –

  • 2 – Kiwi fruits Peeled!
  • 1 – Persimmon fruit. Peeled!
  • 1 – Orange (Juice only!)
  • 1 – Apple – Peeled and cored.
  • 1/2 cups Spinach

Preparation –

Place everything into blender with some ice (optional) and blend until desired consistency, if you want it to be thinner then please feel free to add some water starting at around a quarter of a cup!


Very tasty! x

Green With Envy Smoothie.

Green With Envy Smoothie.
Deliciously nutritious!
Deliciously nutritious!

This is my morning boost smoothie that promises to deliver energy and a wake up call to those taste buds, to really start the day with a pow! I love that it tasted delicately sweet with a hint of lime, which made for a lovely after taste which was like a tangy explosion! Very refreshing and the consistency would be likened to a juice, so a perfect companion during a workout or even to have alongside oats with breakfast!


  • 1/2 Juice of a Lime- You could do more if you like!
  • Juice of 1 Large Orange.
  • 1 Banana- Peeled.
  • 4 Plums- Peeled and pitted.
  • 1/2 Cup tightly packed spinach.
  • 3 Medium sized Ice Cubes.

Green with envy smoothie


Do all the preparation of the fruit before you start and then add banana, plums, spinach and juices to the blender, I use a Nutri Bullet blender and blend until you cant see the spinach anymore!

Green with envy smoothie

Give it a try!x

Popcorn, glorious popcorn!

Popcorn, glorious popcorn!

Honey & Mustard Popcorn


This is one of my favourite snacks to have its not high in calories and it’s totally moreish! Tip, if you want it less sweet then add less honey….duh!!


  • Popcorn kernels- 100g for 2 servings. (Or one very hungry person!)

  • Honey- 3 Tbsp (Or less… Or MORE!)
  • Whole grain Mustard- 2 Tbsp

  • Sweet & Salty seasoning- A few shakes!

  • Pure Free From- olive butter- 1 Tbsp


Cook the popcorn on a medium heat, in a dry medium sized pan, make sure you leave the lid on and by the packets instructions it says it should be done in 7 minutes for me it’s a bit sooner than that!

Next you need to heat up the olive butter in a small pan until it has melted, over a low heat. Next add the mustard and honey, keep stirring until the mixture looks smooth. (As smooth as it can being that it’s whole grain mustard…. Erm.)

Then place the popcorn in a big bowl, pour your mixture over, stir, stir, stir making sure it has evenly coated the popcorn, we are nearly done dears.

Last but not least, totally optional, a few shakes of the sweet and salty seasoning and another quick toss, done! I love eating them when they are still warm but the popcorn does cool rather quickly so either eat fast or just learn to love cold popcorn…!

I know it has olive butter and honey in it but this is a treat, so ner, deal with it.