W7 Candy Blush amazing!

LA Colors and W7 (22)LA Colors and W7 (21)

W7 Candy Blush Sweet Cheeks Blusher-Orion

Wow, what an intense colour for a blusher, I made the mistake of not blowing my brush before applying and yes again I will say wow, definitely wont be using a lot of it, will be using it in a more subtle way.

LA Colors and W7 (1)ย LA Colors and W7 (3)

It is a cute little compact size and it also has a mirror too, what is not to like! Upon application it goes on really well and does not cake upon re- application through the day. They come in 4 different shades and I will quite happily make my way through them!

LA Colors and W7 (7)

It is funny because I genuinely am a bit of a label girl, but having tried W7’s eye shadows I think this brand has so much more on offer than I originally thought! I am now on a bit of a trip and am finding out about lots of different brands that I had not even heard of. Great blusher, bargain price too!

Check it out ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚


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