Nuage Manuka Honey Intensive Cream Quick Review…

Manuka honey cream (3)

Well, I just saw this on a recent shopping trip and thought I would have a little look and then thought yes let me have a buy, I have tried Manuka Honey cream before in a sample and it did wonders for my skin, this has not disappointed!

Manuka honey cream (5) Manuka honey cream (4)

I love the way that the cream just simply glides onto your face and it fills in all the pores, it makes for a beautifully smooth face for when you put on your foundation. I absolutely love the delicate smell that it gives off, the way it does not feel sticky as some others do. The Manuka Honey intensive cream does not feel heavy either, I have been using the same face cream for about 3 months and after one morning of using this face cream I can already feel a difference, how strange is that?!

Manuka honey cream (1)

So, all in all I am extremely happy with my Nuage Manuka Honey 48HR Intensive Face Cream and also am delighted that I have finally found a face cream that works with my acne prone skin that is affordable, I actually bought this for £2.99 and having looked about on-line am pleasantly surprised I got it for this bargainous amount.

10/10 !


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