My e.l.f Make Up Mini Haul….

Elf review haul (1)

So I received these items today (yay), I decided to order from e.l.f (eyes lips face) their eyebrow kit in dark, maximum coverage concealer in beige and their bronzer.

Elf review haul (3)Elf review haul (7)Elf review haul (11)

The pictures above show you the colours, I am impressed with the consistency of the left side dark brown colour, it is a gorgeous gel, you use that to do the outline of the eyebrow and then the right side is a lighter brown powder that you use to fill the brow. The problem for me is that it was just too light for my eyebrows, I just didn’t feel that it suited my normally dark dark brown (nearly black) eyebrows! It comes with a tiny brush and a mirror as well. The price point for this is £3.95!

Elf review haul (5) Elf swatch

Next up I have the e.l.f Maximum Coverage Concealer in the colour beige, it says oil free on the pack, I was a little sceptical as on first look, it looked a little thin. On first application it didn’t cover any of my acne scars on my face, or on second after I had let the first dry and then on the third it did so I was actually impressed! My liquid foundation glided on beautifully after I applied this and it didn’t move this one around too much! It claims on the packaging to cover tattoos, scarring etc. I believe that it would and I am glad, at £3.95 I would say that was a bargain!

Elf review haul (6) Elf review haul (12) 

Ah, bronzer! I know, I probably have no business wearing bronzer but even us mixed race girls want to glisten! I have absolutely no complaints about this (actually my only complaint is that it’s so bloody hard to open, ouch!) I love it and the colour, the way it looks on my skin and the fact I really don’t have to use much in order for it to highlight my face! I didn’t use the brush as I have my own one, although I like the fact that they included one! Good value for money at a price point of £2.50.

All in all, I am impressed with all of them and if they had a darker eyebrow kit I would’ve gone with that instead, great value for money and also the postage (I’m in the UK) was super fast and came a lot quicker than I expected!




* I bought these myself, I have not been sponsored by e.lf and this is my truthful opinion.



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