Tenderstem Broccoli…

Yay! I won something!
Yay! I won something! On Twitter and they told me I would receive a few goodies!

Well today I became Tenderstem Broccoli Fan Of The Month (TFOTM!) Whoop! I can’t rave about this type of broccoli enough, it is gorgeous and the best thing is that you can eat it whole with no waste (the price is excellent)! As they say on their website (www.tenderstem.co.uk) it has a texture akin to that of asparagus. 

Facebook page!
Facebook page!

Go and try Tenderstem broccoli and also, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages! 

Serving suggestion! Baked salmon, sweet potato wedges & of course Tenderstem Broccoli! 🙂

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