Streaky bacon & goats cheese Frittata with chillies…

chilli frittata with goats cheese and streaky bacon (10)

This is loosely based on the Jamie Oliver recipe for his roasted chillies frittata, ( I added streaky bacon and goats cheese to make it into a really yummy dinner.

chilli frittata with goats cheese and streaky bacon (11)

It was like having a mini pizza, was lovely and I really do love eggs in every form, the streaky bacon may not be the most healthiest part of the pig but I just could not resist! It really went down well with the hubby too which is always a win!

A big thumbs up from me but a word of caution, after you have roasted the chillies and they have cooled and you are peeling the skin, use some gloves! (Don’t do what I did and itch your nose with chillies on your fingers, even when you have washed them three… yes three times….! Ouch!)

So all in all for this streaky bacon and goats cheese frittata I give it a resounding 9/10!

chilli frittata with goats cheese and streaky bacon (9)

Scallops with creamy mash &cabbage….

This was a Jamie Oliver recipe and boy oh boy did it deliver. (
The mash was divine but instead of using semi skimmed milk, I used sour cream. The streaky bacon was a nice touch and added definition to the meal. Will definitely try this recipe again but I probably wont use the scallops and would replace them with thin strips of turkey. 🙂

To find the recipe, please visit Jamie Oliver’s website and type in Scallops and creamy mash.

Review for essence colour & go….113 do you speak love?..

essence colour & go 113 do you speak love?

Here is my review on essence colour & go 113 do you speak love, firstly wow, I love the fact it is shiny and how fast drying it is, this is the first nail varnish that actually makes me feel excited to try all the colours!

The red suits my skin tone wonderfully and every time I look down at my nails I literally feel this buzz of excitement, which I think essence have done a wonderful job. There are a range of colours and I think my next one will be a pale blue. At a price point of £1.60 you can’t really go wrong!

essence colour and go 113 (1) essence colour and go 113 (4)

As you can see in the picture above the brush is flat and is great for just a one stroke application, I personally did two coats but you could just do one coat and a clear protective top coat with another varnish. All the nail varnish’s in the essence colour & go range have colour coded tops, so you know straight away what colour is in the bottle ( and the fact you can see the colour through the main part of the bottle).


All in all, a great bargain of a price. Non chip, lasts for a while with no touching up and also the fact the colour is gorgeous. I am yet to buy some red lipstick but I am going to take the plunge very soon and see if I suit it soon!

What are your couldn’t live without nail varnish brands and colours?