My new contact lenses…

Gray Expressions color contact lenses

I just had to write about the new grey contact lenses I just bought from Expressions Color, they are amazing! You can choose from a range of colours and they come with or without vision correction as well, for those of you who are fortunate enough to not need them to see and for those of us (ahem) who are not so lucky! I will definitely be trying out their other colours, I am impressed because I wore them for 9 hours and was expecting them to be at least a little dry, well boy oh boy was I wrong. They were not only moist but I actually forgot I was wearing them!

I have naturally dark dark brown eyes (yes so dark I had to say that twice!) So for them to have shown up on my eyes was a victory, but for them to actually blend and not look fake, well that was something very special and that is what I felt, special. Yes that might sound a bit stupid but I am in the honeymoon phase with my new grey lenses! 

WP_20140822_028 (2)

My grey contacts in more of a natural light.
My grey contacts in more of a natural light.



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