Hazelnut Granola Recipe..

Granola In kilner jar

What you will need-

  • 250g Porridge Oats
  • 20g Butter (low fat)
  • 40g Brown Sugar
  • 40ml Honey
  • 45g Chopped Hazelnuts


First measure out all your ingredients, (trust me, it makes things easier in the long run!)  Then get yourself out a medium sauce pan, put the butter in on a low heat, let it melt and then add your sugar and honey in at the same time! Let the sugar totally dissolve in with the butter and mix!

Next, take off the heat and pour into the pan your oats and hazelnuts, now when I say mix, I mean mix until your arm feels positively numb and every single oat looks like it has been covered by the honey, sugar and butter. Remember you are making granola and not flapjacks, so you could be tempted to add more butter being that there wont seem to be enough moisture. Back AWAY from the granola! It will be great! Place onto a piece of greaseproof paper, on a baking sheet and place into a medium heat preheated oven.

The next step is make or break for your granola, keep a close eye for the next 10 minutes, every time you look and the edges have gone brown, take the tray out of the oven and scoop those golden brown edges back into the middle,and evenly spread out again and pop back in, repeat this process until it’s all a light golden brown, (you don’t want it to go dark brown because that will taste bitter…ew!)

This is how it should look when it comes out!
This is how it should look when it comes out!

Once that’s done, leave to cool down and then put into an airtight container, enjoy with Greek yoghurt and strawberries, as shown below! 

Serving suggestion.
Serving suggestion.



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