30 day shred..

Had a rest day on Wednesday as pulled a muscle in my back!

Day 7- (Thursday!)- Felt like I was finally getting somewhere by gritting my teeth and actually being able to do everything, really scared about going up to level 2 on Saturday but I guess a change is good!
I am now starting my pushups off the wall, then I will gradually choose lower and lower surfaces until I feel comfortable doing them on the floor. Other than that, was a great workout and I had a lovely bowl of porridge after! My stomach feels more defined, I can pull it in and its no where near as big as it was, I fit into my size 12 jeans (with ease) that have been in the back of my wardrobe for over 6months… Yay! Progress!
Sweat Level: 9
Mood: Reflective.

(Apologies if my picture comes out really big again, I am uploading from my phone!!)


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