30 day shred…

Day 5: (had a rest day so today counts as day 5!) Was sweating all down my face but then it was actually pretty hot here in the UK, finding that my knees are really aching, probably from doing the easy press ups. Going to try and do the proper press ups from tomorrow onwards!
I am feeling a lot more confident with my body shape, I have no idea why. Maybe because I feel a lot happier and motivated. I want to be healthy and I’ve even changed my hairstyle back to being curly and letting my natural hair just be natural, I’m no longer going to straighten it, if I do it will have to be a pretty major event!! I am enjoying life more, dressing differently even, I don’t want to fit in anymore, that said I don’t want to necessarily stand out, just I want to be free to be me! Bring on day 6!
Sweat Level: 7.5
Mood: Motivated & positive.



6 thoughts on “30 day shred…

  1. Be very careful with your knees! The jumping jacks and jump rope can be very hard on your knees. If you keep having pain it may be best to do every other day of Jillian and every other day walking or something low impact on your knees.

    That being said, you go girl! You’re working hard and going to see great results in both energy and stamina!

    1. Hello! That is very true, I will give it a few more days and then I go up to level two so it could just be that level 1 has more of these jumping exercises! Thankyou, I can feel it already, more energy and gaining more confidence! I am thinking about starting to run soon! Any tips for me for general weight loss?! 🙂 xx

      1. Definitely just don’t push yourself too hard. Where you’re at right now sounds like where I was at about a year or so ago. I just pushed SO hard to do the shred and run and do all the high-impact things and I ended up really hurting myself.

        Walks are still GREAT exercise, and would be perfect contrast to the shred. The problem is if you go running out of the gate, you’ll hit a plateau and get frustrated and not have anywhere to go. If you just do enough to see weightless then once you start to reach a plateau you’ll be able to up it even more.

        I hope that doesn’t sound discouraging! If you want to just push it right now then you go for it – just listen to your body. Other than that really focus on daily habits. From what I’ve seen the people who have large weightless results have daily routines that are pretty darn solid!

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