Kedgeree Recipe…


Yummy dinner tonight, Kedgeree!

Rice mixed with salmon (from a can) and a few different spices in the rice, cumin, paprika, cayenne Top with a runny boiled or poached egg. Seasoned with salt and pepper, perfect with a small dollop of tomato sauce! Inexpensive yet delicious! 🙂


Watermelon love…

Woke up this morning feeling super refreshed, can only put it down to the fact that last night I had a few slices of watermelon, I wasn’t feeling 100% and then I had some of the yummy pink stuff and bam, half an hour later I felt right as rain and then I went to sleep blissfully.

Slices of yummy watermelon!
Slices of yummy watermelon!

It made me think, what healing qualities do fruit have in general, because years ago they obviously relied on it more than medicines which are so easily accessible now it is ridiculous!

Currently, I am planning our food for the week. Looking at lots of different foods that I can design recipes with and make my own! (I have never been a follower!)

Have a lovely relaxed sunday!

Day 30…

Day 8- (Friday) Went really well!! Although I did have to use my own music because her voice and the crappy music were starting to bore me lol The shortest blog post in history lol!!
Sweat level: 7
Mood: Laughing more!

30 day shred..

Had a rest day on Wednesday as pulled a muscle in my back!

Day 7- (Thursday!)- Felt like I was finally getting somewhere by gritting my teeth and actually being able to do everything, really scared about going up to level 2 on Saturday but I guess a change is good!
I am now starting my pushups off the wall, then I will gradually choose lower and lower surfaces until I feel comfortable doing them on the floor. Other than that, was a great workout and I had a lovely bowl of porridge after! My stomach feels more defined, I can pull it in and its no where near as big as it was, I fit into my size 12 jeans (with ease) that have been in the back of my wardrobe for over 6months… Yay! Progress!
Sweat Level: 9
Mood: Reflective.

(Apologies if my picture comes out really big again, I am uploading from my phone!!)